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Navigating your choices

There are over 4,000 registered training organisations and tech bootcamps in Australia - and the differences are hard to figure out on your own. We’ve benchmarked hundreds of the top providers so that you.


Performance-based guidance

Graduation rates vary from as low as 40% to as high as 90% - but there are various techniques for disguising poor outcomes in reports. We audit and verify employment outcomes data to make sure we only recommend the highest-performing courses from the most reliable providers.


Broadening your horizons

There are hundreds of rewarding and high-demand career paths in tech. Not everyone needs to learn to code. We’ll work to understand your goals, and connect you with opportunities that might surprise you.

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Personalised options

We’ll match you with verified providers based on your interests, motivation, budget, learning style, and aptitude.

  • 100+ verified Australian training providers
  • 1000+ verified courses and bootcamps
  • Online and remote learning modes

Training for modern careers

Our recommendations focus on training for in-demand skills in technology and tech-adjacent careers.

  • Pathways in technology and adjacent roles
  • For early stage and advanced learners
  • Support and guidance throughout training

How it works

Online Self-Assessment

Complete a 5 minute self-assessment online. Tell us about your interests, goals, experiences and capabilities so that we can match you with your best options.

Psychometric Survey

We’ll send you a link to complete a free psychometric survey, to help you understand your strengths and how they line up with different career paths.

Course Consultation

You choose how to receive your results, whether it’s booking a brief call with one of our support staff to talk through options, or receiving an email with the results of our assessment.

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