Meeting the demands of a growing tech sector in South Australia.

We’re training the next generation of talent, for the next generation of industry.

There is a massive and growing demand for tech skills in Australia. By 2030, over 1.2 million Australians will be employed in tech. Many of these jobs will be high-paying, flexible, and open to people without a university education.

Developing talent in South Australia

We’re facilitating high-quality training in areas of skills shortage by world-class providers at no cost to students to support a burgeoning tech hub in the heart of Adelaide.

  • 150 Australian Students

  • 8 Cohorts

  • 4 Training Providers

  • 5x Fewer Withdrawals than is standard

  • $61,000 Average Salary

Student demographics

  • 61% Women

  • 39% Youth (Aged 17-24)

  • 24% People Living with a Disability


Graduates from Adelaide in 2023

Graduates from Adelaide in 2023

Areas of training


Learn the fundamentals of networking, security, linux and programming - to gain the skills necessary for entry level positions that lead to a career in cyber security.

Cloud Computing

Get certified in Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Azure provides a range of cloud services, including compute, analytics, storage and networking - helping get you a role in industries like healthcare, finance and entertainment.

Data Analytics

Receive hands-on training to master SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python – tools listed in virtually every data analytics job posting across industries. With training in data analytics you become valuable to any company.

Salesforce Development

Learn to build applications on the most widely used CRM in the world. You'll develop the skills to provide daily CRM systems support, implement custom set ups for clients, and manage the rollout of the Salesforce product road map for industry.

Full Stack Development

Learn the fundamental software engineer skills to build web applications on the job: computer science, collaboration tools, and the programming languages modern employers demand.

Hear from some of
our Australian cohort

Enabling Titus to realise their full potential without having to hide who they are.

Backing Dani to take a bold new leap in her career

Helping Izmael realise his dreams in tech

Empowering Sochea to make the leap from hospitality to tech

A foolproof mechanism to make sure we use taxpayer money really effectively… What Forte is doing here is fantastic. It’s unique. We have to do things differently if we are serious about tackling the enormous skills shortage across Australia. Business as usual is just not going to work.

Blair Boyer MP

Minister for Education, Training and Skills, South Australia