Building a tech hub in the heart of Medellin.

Turning Colombia into the Silicon Valley of the South.

Colombia is well placed to become a tech hub in South America. By investing in digital skills, we are helping the city of Medellin harness its most valuable resource - their people.

Developing talent in Medellin

We’re working with the best local and international providers to train 250 Colombians into future-proof industries, connecting them to local industry and to nearshore jobs to attract investment into the country.

  • 250 Students

  • 7 Cohorts

  • 4 Training Providers

  • 5 x Fewer Withdrawals

  • 67% employment rate

Student demographics

  • 69% Youth

  • 35% Women

  • 46% Stratas 1 & 2

Areas of training

Full Stack Development

Learn the fundamental software engineer skills to build web applications on the job: computer science, collaboration tools, and the programming languages modern employers demand.

Data Analytics

Hands-on training to master SQL, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, and Python – tools listed in virtually every data analytics job posting across industries.

Web Development

Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools — HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6) — to build rich, interactive websites. A versatile skill set with powerful applications in a variety of design, marketing, and other tech-adjacent roles.


Forte Graduates in Medellín

Student event in Medellín

Forte Graduates in Medellín

The support that Forte gave us was amazing. Forte helped us grow professionally and personally in a way that I can’t express. And today, thanks to Forte, I can say that I’m living the dream of changing my life and joining the IT industry.

Christian Velasquez

Data Science Graduate